OG - Accounts - PayPal PayHere POS SetUp *


  1. PayPal PayHere Card Reader.
  2. Smart Phone, (Android, iPhone) with a fully functioning audio port for the card reader.
  3. Time and patience.


  1. Go to the following link and request the download of the PayPal PayHere app.
    Click Here:  https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/credit-card-reader
  2. Follow the instructions to download the app for your particular device.


  1. Insert the PayPal PayHere Card Reader (Swiper) into the smart phone jack.
  2. Open the PayPal PayHere app on your smart phone.
  3. The phone should start up by checking for the reader.
  4. Choose to log in with HRHSSecretary, HRHSPresident, HRHSMembership or HRHSTreasurer (Not all accounts have the full set of permissions, so make sure you are using the correct account.
  5. Use password HRHSpa$$.

Operations (At Time of Event):

Assuming you are now logged in and ready:

  1. Prior to swiping the customer's card, open the menu list (upper left).
  2. Select "New Sale".
  3. To slect a quick pick item, open the Item List, (Lower RIght Corner).
  4. Then you'll see a list of items and memberships that we have for sale.
  5. Select the item from the list.
  6. If item has no amount displayed, you'll need to enter in the amount.
  7. Enter in the quantiy.
  8. Then select another item in the list to add to list.
  9. You can verify the items on the list by clicking on the number in the blue circle in the upper right, prior to swiping to check, add, remove any items.
  10. When done, swipe the persons card through the reader.

Feel free to play around with the functionality, if you accidently submit a payment, let me know (David Hill), and I'll go in and refund it.  (You should also have the ability to refund it to yourself).

_____ The Following Needs Review and Editing ----

PayPal:   Account Number:    The Merchant account ID is 5T7E974XKB6NA
Highlands Ranch Historical Society
payments@highlandsranchhistoricalsociety.org (password same as CC)
8693 E Dry Creek Road
Unit 912
Englewood, CO 80112-2800
United States
See Password Safe For Account Credentials and Card Reader Accounts

The charges and payments are received into the PayPal account, it’s up to the Treasurer to move it to the Wells Fargo account.   PayPal is it’s own online banking account. 

Our Tax ID number is the reference given to PayPal (DAVID WHICH TAX ID, STATE OR FEDERAL DID YOU GIVE THEM?)   Needs to be Federal EIN
Statements go to David (Webmaster) and Carol
Card Readers: David H, Nancy, Paul, David J.
Setup the following products: (See Membershipt Page For Membership Types and Pricing at: Operating Guidelines -> OG-Membership

The steps to create a sale.
1.    Start PayHere app on phone.  (Can’t seem to use a wireless tablet).
2.    Plug in reader.
3.    See Password Safe For Account Credentials

5.    We’re ready.
6.    Pick item.  If variable enter in price.
7.    Add another item if applicable
8.    Swipe card, Ask if customer wants a receipt mailed.  If yes, get email address.

Receipt for a transaction I did is attached.
The customer receives an email with a link to their receipt.  (Printout is attached)

1.    A visitor visits the HRHS web site.
2.    They decide that they would like to become a member.
3.    They click on the “Membership” page.
4.    The Member ship page comes up and gives them some more information about the organization etc. (Like what we have today).
5.    The click on a “SIGN ME UP BUTTON”.
6.    The Membership WebForm appears and asks for some basic information, address, phone number, etc..
7.    At the end, they press, the “Submit” button.
8.    A confirmation page appears with options for remitting payment:  Check, Credit card or PayPal…
9.    The select which membership they wish to pay for.  Enter their credit card info, (SSL SECURED), or PayPal email address.
10.    They are then taken to a confirmation page to allow them to print the receipt etc.

Behind the scenes:
1.    If they provided an email address, they will get confirmation that their membership request has been submitted for review and that the membership is not finalized until payment is received.
2.    A payment notification email is sent to the Payments@HighlandsRanchHistoricalSociety.org email forward that delivers the email to President, Webmaster, and Treasurer.
3.    A transaction record is entered into the PayPal account register and the funds are transfered after the usual credit card grace period.  The transfer record will show the email of the person who sent the payment and an itemized list of what was purchased.  (Membership Level, Donation Amount, or Book Sale etc...)
Receipts for Donations: the Treasurer issues and maintains the receipts for all monies in and out, including the Donation Notebook.
Accounting of funds and Budget:  (per David and Carol)
HRHS Finances are done on a “Cash Basis” rather than an “Accrual Basis”.  
What “Accrual Basis” means that the transaction occurs when it takes place, not necessarily when cash has been exchanged.  
Receipt or payment of cash may be a separate transaction from when the goods/products/tickets/donations were sold/collected, purchase made or wages earned by an employee.  Each transaction is recorded in a journal, or book, and periodically a business will want to close these books to see how it is performing.  Since HRHS is mainly a charity that mostly receives fees/payments/donations, this may not be a good “Term” to apply.   
I usually keep a current-2 in transactions, archive off a prior two years.

Say for instance we would only keep our transaction going back to 01/01/2012, anything prior would be simply copied to an archived and “CLOSED”.  The reports will show how we performed with allotted budgets for the given year and we can adjust as necessary.