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Wranglers are the Highlands Ranch Historical Society's Volunteers.  Join us for fun events and helping at the HRHS Programs. 

As a Wrangler volunteer, we get together for exclusive entertainment and activities.

Sandy and Paul Chamberlin are our new Wrangler Coordinators for 2017, please say "Hi" to them at the next program!

Paul and Sandy Chamberlin



May Wrangler Spot Light - Jackie Kammer

Some people have seen a lot of changes in Denver over the years. Jackie Kammer is one of them. Jackie grew up in East Denver by City Park and has never left the greater Denver area. She attended Loyola Elementary, a Catholic school two blocks from her home. After that she attended Cathedral High School and then spent two years at Loretto Heights College.

When Jackie finished her time at Loretto Heights, she took a job with the US Forest Service and worked as the assistant to the Regional Fiscal Agent. The office covered all of the National Forest ranger stations in Colorado and Wyoming. The office was based out of the Federal Center, but Jackie managed to visit each of the parks as part of her job.

After working for the Forest Service, Jackie worked for 26 years at the University of Denver as an assistant to the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies. Currently she works three days a week at South Ridge Recreation Center at the front desk.

As a young woman Jackie married and had three children. Both sons graduated from DU and her daughter graduated from Western State. Two of Jackie’s children live in the Highlands Ranch area. Jackie moved to a Gleneagles Village patio home 20 years ago to be closer to her children.

Jackie has some wonderful stories of her grandparents coming to Denver from Sweden and her Irish heritage with cousins living in the original family farm house. Be sure to ask her about them.

At one time Jackie was a ballet dancer and performed in operas at Cheeseman Park. Today Jackie likes to attend musicals, join in activities with the single’s group, travel, hike, and play bridge. She has toured many European countries. She is about to be a Great-Grandmother of twins!



March Wrangler Spot Light - Pat Mantey

Pat Mantey

If you are wondering what Littleton, Centennial and Highland’s Ranch were like 50 some years ago, make sure you talk with Pay Mantey. She has lived in the Littleton, Highlands Ranch area for 52 years. Pat grew up in Decatur, Illinois, a town in Central Illinois. She went to college at Eastern Illinois University, a teacher’s college near where she grew up.

For a while Pat worked as a teacher and then moved to Kansas City. In Kansas City, Pat worked in the travel industry where she met her late husband.  When their first son was about 2 years old, they moved to Colorado as her husband was a Colorado native. Pat eventually went back to teaching in elementary schools, but retired when her husband became ill.

Pat has two sons and eight grandchildren all who live in the Denver metro area. When asked what her most interesting experiences in life were, Pat talked about her grandchildren. She said she enjoyed being the only grandparent in town and “grew up” with her grandchildren, seeing them at least a couple times a week

Pat has lived in Highlands Ranch for four years now and has a patio home that takes a lot less work than the home in Littleton required. Pat’s mantra is “Keep busy to survive.” She keeps busy with all the friends she has met along the way and with the many groups she belongs to.

Pat enjoys visiting the museums and art galleries in Europe and will never forget her visit to Paris and Normandy. She stated that she is interested in history and that’s probably why she became a member of the Highland’s Ranch Historical Society.


Feburary Wrangler Spot Light - Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill was born and grew up in the town of Sheridan, California, another town named after the famous Union Army General Philp Sheridan that consisted of 1 post office, a general store/gas station/frosty and an elementary school. Sonya attended Sheridan Elementary School until she went to middle and high school 8 miles away in Lincoln, California.

Sonya comes from a large close knit, loving family. Her father built two beautiful homes in Sheridan, California right next to his own father, each with a homemade swimming pool. Since the homes were built close to the Union Pacific railroad, the daily bustle included the very audible passing of the trains.

Sonya is no stranger to Colorado as her family lived near Aurora in 1968. During that time an incident occurred where she fell through the ice at age 6 while ice fishing with her father.

Sonya married her college sweetheart David in 1984 and lived next door to her grandfather for 26 years before coming back to Colorado with her husband in 2009.

Sonya had worked at a restaurant and as a Spencer Gift store manager before shifting careers into elderly care.

Sonya and David have two grown children, whom are their pride and joy of life. Christopher, their son, is a master chef and their daughter Melissa is a certified medical assistant for a very successful cardiologist in California. No grandchildren – yet.


January Wrangler Spot Light - John Holmes

John Holmes

Check the slopes and you might find John Holmes out there. John loves the mountains, Colorado, the blue skies, the woods; he loves it all.

John grew up mainly in the East, in Virginia near Washington, D.C., central Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania. John’s younger years found him going to school and then joining the Army. In college John joined the ROTC. It was during the time when the government was still drafting for Vietnam and John decided that if he had to go he would rather go in as an officer. That is exactly what John did and he served for one year in ‘Nam. Between serving in the military and finally landing a ‘real’ job John was a ski bum in Aspen. That was during the 70s and it’s when John developed his love of the mountains. Deciding that ski bumming was not very lucrative, he went to computer school in San Francisco. He worked first for Bank of America and then in Denver for United Airlines. He has worked as a programmer, in computer operations with online applications, and as a software trouble-shooter.

John has mostly lived in Colorado for the last 45 years. Currently he is retired and enjoys reading non-fiction. He bikes and hikes and loves being outdoors but still likes computers and technology. He plays a little acoustic guitar which he is just now revisiting.

John and his partner of over 20 years Nancy Weber have lived in Highlands Ranch for nearly 17 years.

I am sure John would love to compare notes about the slopes. You will often find him greeting attendees at the Highlands Ranch Historical Society functions.


November/ December Wrangler Spot Light - Wilma Luckwitz

Wilma Luckwitz

Wilma Luckwitz was born in Alberta Canada. She was brought up in London, Canada and Toronto, Canada. Wilma and her husband Bob’s story is an interesting one. Every year Bob’s family rented one of the cabins Wilma’s family owned. This happened from the time Wilma and Bob were 14 years old until Bob joined the US Air Force and was stationed in Spokane, WA. Wilma worked at a Canadian NATO Air Force station in London, Canada. When Bob got leave he would go back to London and see Wilma. During one of his leaves they got married.

Wilma and Bob lived in Spokane until Bob got out of the Air Force. They then moved to Cleveland. Wilma worked for Ohio Bell in Kent, Ohio and then Alltel Telephone Company as a bookkeeper. After 37 years in Ohio, Wilma and Bob moved to Highlands Ranch to be near their son Matthew, who had moved to Colorado. Wilma and Bob have lived in Highlands Ranch for 16 years.

Wilma enjoys travel and has been to Mexico, Europe, Africa, Egypt, Canada, of course, Alaska and Hawaii. Wilma plays Bridge and Canasta. She also belongs to the Seniors Hiking Club and hikes every Thursday. Her husband Bob is a wood carver and sells his creations at shows.

You will generally see Wilma greeting attendees as they come to the Highlands Ranch Historical Society presentations. Be sure to stop by and say hello to her.


Wrangler Spot Light  

September Wrangler Spot Light - Rita Reichardt


Rita Reichardt and her husband are newlyweds!  They have been married for just three years.  Both of them grew up in New Jersey just fifteen miles apart but didn’t know each other until meeting here in Highlands Ranch. Rita lived in Somerville, New Jersey, attended Rutgers, then moved to Colorado due to an employment transfer in 1971. She has a daughter who lives in Weld County and a son who still lives in New Jersey on the shore. 

Rita uses shorthand and has found that it pays off.  She has used it in jobs, and it comes in handy when she does volunteer work – usually as the secretary for organizations she belongs to. She does a lot of volunteering, and works most events at the rec center.  She was an employee of Highlands Ranch Community Association for over ten years. Prior to that she worked in the Tech Center.  Some of her volunteer secretary positions were at the condo associations where she lived, and with the Douglas County Quarter Horse Association.

Rita loves animals and loves to be busy. She used to train and show Quarter Horses and was a 4-H and Pony Club leader.  She also has taught Tole painting classes. Rita's other interests include crafts and crocheting.  Rita has also been a long-time member of a Senior Hiking Club.

Wrangler Spot Light  

August Wrangler Spot Light - Paul Chamberlin

Paul Chamberlin

Did you k now that all the employees at Disney World are known as Cast Members? Paul Chamberlin can tell you about that. He and his wife Sandy worked at Disney World for 11 years - part time for 3 months each year.  Paul’s main occupation, though, has been and still is, doing tax returns and providing financial services.
Paul was born and raised in the Denver area. He and Sandy left Colorado for 6 years while they traveled all over the United States and Canada in their RV.  “It’s not easy to do tax returns in an RV”, states Paul.
Working for the Denver Broncos with the stadium announcers was another interesting job that Paul has done.  His job was reporting to the announcers the names of players who made each defensive play.
Paul and Sandy have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year.  Both of them work as docents at the Highlands Ranch Mansion.  They have two sons and one granddaughter.
Currently Paul is semi-retired. He still does tax returns and provides financial services, but does them in the comfort of their home in Highlands Ranch.


Wrangler Spot Light  

July Wrangler Spot Light - Sande Fitzpatrick

Sande Fitzpatrick

When you talk with Sande Fitzpatrick about her life, she will tell you “I’ve had a very interesting life”. Sande was born and raised in NE Ohio.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, but she will tell you that the highlight of her life is that she has moved around a lot.  During her first marriage to an air force enlisted man, she lived in Germany from 1969-1971 and then again from 1988-1991.  During the time she was in Germany she did a lot of traveling throughout Europe.  Here in the United States she has been to all 50 states!

Sande moved to Colorado in late 1991 to be near her sister who was a Littleton school teacher.  Sande and her current husband Dave met 9 years ago. After working for a mutual fund company for 17 years, she retired. Now Sande and Dave are dedicated to traveling and raising two cats.  Sande has two children and 3 grandchildren.



Wranglers Party - November 20, 2015

Wranglers enjoying lunch and a trip down Memory Lane with our hosts, Darren and Jim of Charter Finance.



Wranglers - October 19, 20015


HR Days At The Mansion

Wranglers - September 21, 20015