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Programs: Speaker, File Transfer Form

We have as part of our Privacy notice that these speaker files will be deleted after the presentation.  

None of us should be downloading any of these files and putting them on our computer, except  for the IT Director, if needed for the presentation. 

They need to be deleted after the presentation. 

Speaker Materials, File Transfer Form, and Technical Information:  Program Director directs speakers to this section of the website

Speaker Confirmation Form:  Attach form.  This is initiated by Program Director and Webmaster

Speaker Compensation Policy

Any booked speaker who has books to offer for sale shall not incur speaker fees from HRHS.

Any booked speaker who does not have books to offer for sale shall incur the appropriate fee up to $250.00

Speaker materials and files
http://thehrhs.org/Speaker-Materials-Upload, complete the form and attach files accordingly.

HRHS Google Drive locationIf there's an issue with the above upload process please try our Google Drive Folder at: