OG - IT - Image Reuse

There is a concern for space used on the web site.  If there are images that are re-used from event to event or from page to page, please consider having it uploaded once to our central repository of images and then just use ther links to that image.So, if you need to reuse the same image more than once, let's get it uploaded to the cetral graphics repository.  The following images are vailable as links to be included in Events, Articles, Basic Pages, Book Pages etc.

To use these links, create a picture (image) item by clicking on the image button in the editor.  Specify the size, then copy it's corresponding link to the impage properties tab.

List of Reusable Images.
Name Type Purpose Link Image
Register Online Button Used on the bottom of the Event page that points to the corresponing Constant Contact Registration Page /hrhs_images/buttons/btn_click-here-to-register-online.png Click Here To Register Online
Donate Button Used on pages to direct users to the Donate Page /hrhs_images/buttons/btn_click-here-to-donate.png Click Here To Donate
Sign Up for Our Email List Button Used to direct our vistors to a email sign up form. /hrhs_images/buttons/btn_click-here-to-join-our-email-list.png Click Here To Join Our Email List
Become A Member Button Used to take the user to a registration / renewal form. /hrhs_images/buttons/btn_become_a_member.png Become A Member
Donate Now Button Used to direct visitor to a donation page /hrhs_images/buttons/btn_donate_now.png Donate Now