OG - Board - Roles - Treasurer

The treasurer shall have control of the funds and the care and custody of all stocks, bonds, and other securities owned by the Corporation, and shall be responsible for the preparation and filing of tax returns. He shall receive all moneys paid to the Corporation and, subject to any limits imposed by the board of directors or the president, shall have authority to give receipts and vouchers, to sign and endorse checks and warrants in the Corporation’s name and on the Corporation t s behalf, and give full discharge for the same.

The treasurer shall also have charge of disbursement of funds of the Corporation, shall keep full and accurate records of the receipts and disbursements, and shall deposit all moneys and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Corporation in such depositories as shall be designated by the board of directors. He shall have such additional authority, powers, and duties as are appropriate and customary for the office of treasurer and as the board of directors or president may prescribe from time to time.