OG - Board - Roles - Member At Large

In a group or organization that includes a board of directors, anyone on the board who isn’t a designated officer is a member at large. Unlike the board president, treasurer and secretary, a member at large most often does not have specific, assigned duties. Instead, the needs of the organization determine common duties and job assignments.

  1. General Membership Representative
  • Members at large represent and are accountable to the general membership of a group or organization. Because of this, keeping the general membership informed about board activities via written and oral communications is the most important duty a member at large assumes. Members at large generally have the same voting rights as the board’s officers and are responsible for attending board meetings.
  1. Committees and Sub-committees
  • Although members at large usually don’t have specific duties, they take direction from and make recommendations to board officers. In addition, most support the board by performing small tasks such as issuing invitations to board meetings and making phone calls. Some are working members of one or more committees or sub-committees formed to complete specific portions of a larger or complex task, such as fundraising or finance.