OG - Board - Meeting Minutes


Secretary (or designate) takes minutes.

Use standard format

Secretary formulates meeting minutes

Within 2 weeks of the meeting, Sec. sends out draft MM to BOD members 

Within 1 week, BOD members review MM, submit corrections/changes to President, who will make corrections and send out updated MM to all

Next BOD, MM reviewed and approved, or additional corrections with approval done

Meeting Minutes shall be (1) posted on website AND (2) Kept in Sec. file

Meeting Minutes/Agenda files.

The proposed file naming convention is:

YYYYMMDD - HRHS - Board Agenda   ie: "20140114 - HRHS Board Agenda"

YYYYMMDD - HRHS - Board Minutes  ie: "20140114 - HRHS Board Minutes"

Whereas YYYY = 4 digit year,  MM 2 digit Month and DD 2 digit day.  Using this method keeps files automatically sorted in chronological order.

After board approval, the file will be saved as a PDF file for final posting in the appropriate location on the web.