Common Graphics

This page contains all the graphics that need to be used when composing the various content pages.  The idea is to have a single place to store and keep the graphics images thus eliminating the need to keep multiple files associated with all the content on the site.   Also by doing this, the benefit is that the graphics can be changed out in a single place.


  1. When composing content on the various web pages, books, events etc, find the image that we want to uses below.  Click-Right-Copy-URL to your clip board.
  2. In the page document you wish to display this image click on the "Image" icon in the edit bar on the page and add the image as copied to the clipboard.
  3. you’ll need to delete all the character up to the extension.  For example remove the ?itok=1pXjoPyW

    For example if you are using the RTD logo it will copy as:


Please add additional graphics here.

When changing out the graphics that is being refrerence elsewhere on the web site, you must use the exact same name of the file when you upload it otherwise the images will blank out.


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