Samuel Allen Long

Highlands Ranch Mansion Owner:  Samuel Allen Long


Our story begins when Samuel Allen Long decided to leave his home in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and make his way to Denver, Colorado. After arriving in Denver in 1880, he began selling real estate in and around the city which was a very profitable business for him. He also got involved in politics, coal and gold mining, farming and livestock raising.

While in Pittsburg he had various occupations including blacksmith, member of the board for the B&O railroad, city council member, petroleum refining, lumber industry and politics.

In 1884 Mr. Long filed for a 40-acre homestead on the property, south of Denver in Douglas County, and in 1888 he added 2,000 acres. There he planted several orchards and introduced dry land farming which is the practice of deep plowing and irrigation by rainfall.

In 1891 he built the 30x50 stone farmhouse which was the start of our HR Mansion. He called his home ROTHERWOOD after a boyhood farm. There is a carving with the date of 1891 high above the original entrance to the farmhouse. The structure was 1 1/2 stories with the bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen and living areas on main level.

The name Rotherwood and his name is above the door and was discovered during the renovation which began in 2011. Before that time it was thought that the second owner had built that part of the mansion as well. 

In 1892 he was involved in an unfortunate accident in downtown Denver involving a cable car.  Mr. Long could no longer work and in 1893 the home was sold to real estate developers. He and his wife lived in the Ladies Relief Home in north Denver until his death in 1905.

He is buried in Fairmount Cemetery.

SANDY CHAMBERLIN,  Highlands Ranch Historical Society and HR Mansion Docent  NOVEMBER 2020