Highlands Ranch 40th Anniversary

Date and Time: 
Monday, February 1, 2021 - 7:00am to Friday, December 31, 2021 - 11:59pm

2021 is the 40th anniversary of Modern Day Highlands Ranch. 

2021 is also the 30th anniversary of the HR Historical Society!

Celebrate these milestones by participating in the variety of festivities and events that will be held, throughout Highlands Ranch by various agencies to commemorate this anniversary year.

Check back here often!  


The Highlands Ranch Historical Society will devote the entire year of programming by examing various  historical events and community agencies.

HRCA 40th Anniversary Webpage  Great memories, photos, and info!     Click HERE

HR Metro District 40th Anniversary Webpage          Photos and More!    Click HERE


Tentative 2021 Monthly Programs include:





January 18


Highlands Ranch THEN & NOW


Nancy Linsenbigler

A fast-paced overview history of Highlands Ranch, from pre-historic times to the present.  Included:

-Dinosaurs & Mammoths,

-European Influences & Early ---Settlement Influences

-Prominent Early Residents

-The Mansion and Owners

-Mission Viejo (1977-1996)

-Shea (1997-Present)

-Modern-Day Governing Agencies i.e.

HRCA, HR Metro, Douglas County

February 15


Modern Day Highlands Ranch:


David Johnston


Sara Lebofsky


A focused review of Mission Viejo’s construction of the master planned community of Highlands Ranch


Recognition of Jim Toepfer, The Father of HR

March 15



Centennial Water

Thomas Riggle

Centennial Water has been playing an active role in the development and sustaining of Highlands Ranch since the early MV days, providing high-quality water to residents and businesses.  Discover the history of CW and explore the modern-day miracle of water flowing to and fro  HR.

April 19



Art in Highlands Ranch

Nancy Linsenbigler

Art is very much a part of daily life in Highlands Ranch, with a variety of art forms available.  This program will primarily focus on outdoor art, with an overview of artistic examples and people.  SCFD and HRCAA interviews

May 17



Resident Memories in Highlands Ranch

Paul McKeag


Sara Lebofsky

Two early resident families recall moving to Highlands Ranch in 1981, and the adventures they have had along the way!  (Scotts and Danis)

The First House—plaque recognition

Meeting attendees are invited to share their stories of the early days of Highlands Ranch

June 21



Modern Day Highlands Ranch:


David Johnston

A focused view of the continued development of HR including Shea Homes and the various home builders, The Back Country, commercial and retail growth.  

July 19

Modern Day Highlands Ranch:

Governing, Public  and Important Agencies

David Johnston

Nancy Linsenbigler

The important role that the governing entities play to provide high quality of life in Highlands Ranch:

Douglas County (Speaker)

Doug Co Schools (Speaker)

Doug Co Library (Speaker)

Northwest Douglas County Chamber and EDC (Speaker)


August 17

Highlands Ranch

Law Enforcement and Fire Services

Doug Co


South Metro Fire Dept.

The History of Law Enforcement and Fire Services in Highlands Ranch presented by representatives from both entities.

What are the past and current challenges, highlights services, and needs in Highlands Ranch?




The Highlands Ranch Mansion, THEN and NOW

Sandra Chamberlin

Mansion Staff

The Highlands Ranch Mansion has been a central feature of  Modern Day HR, as well as the dwelling place of the past owners.  The History of the Mansion and Owners will be briefly reviewed, along with the building and renovations.  Activities past and present  (1976-2021) are the highlight of this presentation.

October 19


Highlands Ranch Community Association THEN and NOW

HRCA General Manager


Jamie Noebel

From the very beginning of Mission Viejo planning, the Recreation Centers were to be major amenities for residents.  The HRCA has fulfilled that vision 4 times over!  This deep dive into the Recreation Centers, Architectural Control, Covenant Enforcement, and Community activities will leave you breathless and amazed at the variety and important role that the Homeowner Association plays in modern day life.

November 16


Highlands Ranch Metro District

New Manager &

Variety of Dept. Directors

The Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District is vital to a well ordered and functioning community.  Yet how many residents know what all is required of and covered by “Metro”?  Parks, Infrastructure, and Streets are just some of the areas managed by Metro.  District Directors will highlight some of the roles, responsibilities, and triumphs of this amazing governmental agency. 


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