PROGRAM: Explore Central City and the Hidee Gold Mine

Date and Time: 
Monday, August 19, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Chris Stone


The Central City Mining District is the “Richest Square Mile on Earth”!


Explore Central City and the Hidee Gold Mine


Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) hosts Chris Stone presenting

Explore Central City and the Hidee Gold Mine

Guided by Hidee Gold Mine owner, Chris Stone,

we will explore Central City and The Hidee Gold Mine (a premier attraction). 

We will learn some Colorado history (where Colorado rose to glory), world class geology and an amazing glimpse into mining! 

The early development of the region will be discussed as will the Hidee’s original company founders and original years of operation.  Moving forward to the modern era, we will see pictures and hear tales of the more recent development of the mine. We will follow local mining legends Charles “Choppo” Fetterhoff and Ed Lewandowski informing the second generation of the Hidee Gold Mining Company and its transformation into "Colorado Heritage Tourism".  

Now celebrating its 31st year, it is 5-Star ratedvoted the #1 Underground Attraction in Colorado and has received high accolades and awards.

A population of 30,000 during the summer months and a population of 1500 during the winter months. But that's only part of the early history of Central City. Founded in 1859, it soon acquired the reputation of being in the middle of "the richest square mile on earth." By the end of its second year, most of the placer gold was gone which forced hard rock mining into being. As it turned out, that's were the money was, anyway. Over speculation of some mining stocks created a real depression for a while but the area survived and had good years during the '70s and '80s. Like most other mining towns of the era, Central City had its share of fires that ultimately resulted in brick being the material of choice with which to rebuild the town.

Join us on Thursday, August 22 for a group rate tour of the Hidee Mine. 

Don a hard hat and chip away.

Maybe you will return home with some gold!!!  Gold panning included.

About Chris Stone

Chris Stone’s professional mining experience began in 2001. He has been connected with mining since his earliest Colorado ancestors left St. Louis in 1862 for Nevadaville, Colorado, very near the site of the Hidee Gold Mine he owns and operates today.  He has been active in the Clear Creek / Gilpin County Metal Mining Association for twenty years and founded Galena LLC, specializing in Mining & Mine Business Development in 2002. 

In 2001, while working with his family at the Carbonate Mine in Summit County, Colorado, he began work at the Hidee Gold Mine under his friend and mentor Ed Lewandowski.


Southridge Recreation Center
Upstairs Auditorium
4800 McArthur Ranch Road
Highlands Ranch 80130

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