Board Project - Oral Histories Files

Oral Histories Files

Oral Histories Artifacts Page

This is a proposal to suggest how to organize and display the various oral histories of HRHS.  The goal is to give our visitors a place to come to see the full set of historical video artifacts that depict the various players that were involved in the very early stages of Highlands Ranch as well as give accounts of life on the ranch before the development.
All original video clips and snippets will be stored offline in a designated storage medium, carefully cataloged.  Only the current if all videos will be hosted in HRHS YouTube account.  No video clips should be stored on the Google Drive (Digital Library).
A single link from the home page of Highlands Ranch will provided to direct our visitors to the main page to allow users to navigate, select and watch videos via a YouTube link on the page.
The HRHS Web site can arrange its content into a web book with navigational buttons to quickly allow visitors to search and find video clips.  The book already exists, it just needs to have chapters, pages added to reflect the content in a streamlined and organized fashion.


  • Organize the YouTube account to catalog the videos into specific channels.
  • Identify missing videos from the Laptop, Marks collection and existing entries on the web site.
  • Upload and catalog each of the videos that were missing.
  • Organize a hierarchical outline of the online book and create pages.
  • Perform consistency of titles, keywords, data format across all videos
  • Create the pages and build out the <iframe> tagged video runs.
  • Determine order of appearance (Date?, Title? Interviewee?)


  • Use web book format.
  • Create separate "Chapter" for Oral Histories
  • Add pages underneath as part of book outlines